The Constitutional Champion Foundation is a not-for-profit 501 (C) (3) tax exempt organization formed to meet the needs of the youth of this nation.  The direction of the foundation was formed after the realization that our children are not learning the history of our country, the constitution and founding fathers in an accurate, well rounded program.

The mission of Constitutional Champions is to involve the youth of our country through educational programs, school groups, and community service project. 

Our goal is to build an organization that will be the front runner in providing education for youth, on the constitution and founding fathers, and will be the leading example on living the principles and values necessary to bring back the values of faith, hope and charity to this country.

The program aims to educate students through the use of original sources and other fact based information. Upon completion of the lessons, students become “Constitutional Champions.” Our objective is to touch a minimum of 10,000 students in the summer/fall of 2011, however we need your donations or help NOW make this happen!  Please consider hosting your own program or donating even a small amount to help possibly plant the seeds for the next George Washington to grow.

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